I've been gone! To be honest this blog was a little outlet for me while Alex was deployed last year. I  loved talking to everyone about home improvement, cooking, traveling, and my family! The last 5 months have been a whirlwind. Alex came home from his very sudden deployment Valentines night and we were off. Off on vacation, finding a home in South Carolina, packing up our home, saying goodbye, and moving across the country to start fresh. 

In April, we moved our family to Columbia for a new start! I am the mover, In 2014 Alex and I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa. I moved us to Des Moines, with very little knowledge of the city and less then stellar jobs. Alex was leaving for the military and I felt Des Moines carried opportunities for the both of us. I was right! We fell in love with Des Moines and our careers, we made so many friends and met people we call family. 

After we had Mila in 2018 both Alex and I often brought up moving to the East Coast, whether that be for his career or mine. Although Alex was never serious about the move, there was always a feeling deep down inside that Des Moines was not our final home. 

After having Maverick I was on a postpartum struggle, I decided to go back to Apex Systems after being gone for 10 months. Honestly, in the later events of Alex getting deployed, returning "home" to Apex was the best decision I made. 

When presented with the opportunity to move to South Carolina to further my career, it really wasn't a tough choice. In some eye's Alex and I don't have the typical marriage, I have made several sacrifices for his career and he didn't blink an eye when saying yes for my career. We do well when pushing each other. It's all too often that I have watched women sit back for their husbands careers. Sadly, more often than not those women are Military and Police wives. While I understand it's fairly hard to have a career when your husband moves around every few years or has a irregular schedule, I feel like it's okay to put yourself first every once in a while, and I did just that! 

We have been in South Carolina for just short of 4 months. Although I don't feel like I can call this city home quite yet, we do love it here. The ability to be in the mountains one day and the ocean the next is a big reason why I chose this location for our family. I absolutely hate the cold and with our ability to be outside more of the year, we are in love. 

I truly hope that once I can stop using Google Maps to tell me where I am going, we move into our home, and make a few friends we will be able to call South Carolina home. Until then, don't expect any new recipes, DIY, or home organization because... we live in a 900 sq. ft apartment!