Bonita Springs

Although we haven't done much of this lately, we love to travel! Every year we take at least 2 vacations, at a bare minimum. We try our best to take one with our kids and the other just my husband and I. Not only do we believe it's very important to travel with your kids we also think it's very important to get one on one time with your loved one. 

One of our favorite spots to take the kids on vacation is Bonita Springs. Bonita Springs is the perfect location in the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, located in-between Naples and Ft. Myers. It is your perfect family vacation or very low key location in Florida. There aren't any high rises or tourist attractions just a family atmosphere perfect for a few drinks, a good book, and beaches to chase your kids around for hours until nap time. 

When we travel we try to check 3 main boxes...accommodations, food, and beaches. 


We usually pick an Airbnb when we are taking the family. I cant imagine being in a hotel with 2 little ones, having to ride the elevator up and down to the pool and the room. When we have rented a home in Bonita we usually stay closer to North Naples. The homes are larger, nicer, and closer to the ocean for the days when we feel like taking an adventure. 

We always opt for a home with a pool. I prefer one without a cover of any sort. Sure it may be great for the rainy days but I want that full sun everyday. If you are one for the sun you will want to ensure the pool is South facing or in other words you want the home to be facing North. If the house faces South the pool will be shaded all day by the home, getting minimal sun throughout the day!

  1. The Fish House
  2. Doc Fords Rum Bar & Grille- Fort Meyers Beach, the best key lime pie 
  3. Buffalo Chips- Hole in the wall restaurant
  4. Coconut Jacks waterfront Grille 
  5. Iguana Mia Mexican 
Ice Cream:
  1. Royal Scoop-
  2. Sweet Melissa's-
  3. Tipsy Cow- 
  1. Bonita Beach - Seashell beach, you can spend all day gathering seashells at the shore line. 
  2. Barefoot Beach- Parking can be an issue here but worth the seclusion you will experience! Come early! 
  3. Vanderbilt Beach- Located in North Naples, a good mix of tourism and relaxation 
  4. Fort Meyers Beach- Be prepared for a busy day! Fort Meyers Beach is a tourism attraction with shops and restaurants all along the beach. If you are looking for a fun environment come here but pack your patients with traffic and parking. While you are here do yourself a favor and eat dinner at Doc Ford's, our favorite! 
Are you planning a vacation here soon? I would love to hear about it!