Early Wake up Call

Why do I wake up at 5am?  Because I like to stay sane. 

Legitimately, that is the short answer to why I wake up early. If you have kids and you wake up at the same time as them, you are starting your day behind. This is essential with my husband being gone. All the responsibilities fall on me, from a broken something, yardwork, cooking, cleaning, to keeping our children alive. Lucky me! 

During the work week I wake up early to do one of two things.  1. Workout 2. Complete work from the day before and enjoy a cup of coffee. Most of those mornings during the work week I am working out to start my day. I find that if I don't get my workout in before the day starts I will not complete it later on. 5pm will come around and I will realize that I didn't workout and it's time to get the kids.  

Working out and moving my body everyday truly keeps my mindset on track. Although there are many times during the week where I wake up at 5:15 and try to talk myself out of getting up. I know that if I get out of bed I will be better off then going back to sleep for another 45 min. 

During this stage of life with the pandemic, I know that life can get out of hand. Kids are home, there are no outlets, people are trying to stay home, and your everyday life just isn't the same. You still need to set aside time for yourself, even if it has to be at 5am. 

If you are having a hard time feeling motivated and/or grateful for the simple aspects of life take your time each morning before the day gets started and write down anything you are thankful for from the day before. I first learned about this process from Rachel Hollis and have since tried to be thankful for the little things! 

Even if its just "Mila only cried 4 times instead of 5" or "today I drank my coffee while it was still hot!" You are able to recognize that even on a "bad day" many good things happened. 

Not used to waking up early? No problem! Take it slow, and push your wake up time back 20-30 min every few days until you have enough "you" time in the morning. Mental and physical health are more important than ever in todays society. By putting yourself first, you will be a better mother, wife, friend, etc. 

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