Birthday Fun

With Mila-Grace and Mav being 1 year and 1 week apart we decided to have the kids birthday party together as most our family travels to see us, making it the easiest option! 

For their birthdays this year, I had the idea to take the bottom half of a dinosaur combined with the top half of a unicorn to represent the both of them! I went to my dear friend Taylor and she made it happen, creating the invitations on photoshop. Truthfully, once I get an idea in my head, I run with it and go above and beyond. Once you get a character or theme in your head, make a color scheme. That color scheme is what you will use on napkins, plates, cups, etc. 

Often people ask me about the decorations and elaborate balloon arches I create. My response. So easy! I also don't spend much on d├ęcor or food. I complete most of the leg work the week of the event, so I have little to do the day of the party. 

How to start: 


Dinosaurs for Mav, as most of what we purchase him has a dino or two on it. Mila, is obsessed with Uni the unicorn, a magical unicorn that believes little girls are real. Putting them together to make two birthdays into one special day. 


Keep it simple and make it a few days before hand. When we have a large group for an event I think of foods that I can make through out the week leading up to the party. One of those being pasta! A crowd pleaser for both the kids and adults. 

A few years ago we purchased the buffet stand and heating elements for us to use for years to come, and it has come in handy! I make the pasta a few days before and store in tin containers that are ready to warming up the day of. Along with the pasta I try to have a few dips for our guests to eat before the meals as well as meats and cheeses.  


Some of you may think I am crazy but I do make the cake for our birthday parties. Sure, there are other options such as Nothing Bundt Cakes, Scratch Cupcakes, or Molly's but they are expensive and doesn't portray the personal touch I prefer at a party. I will post the recipes I use at a later date, but trust me everyone loves them and they are easy to whip up! 


All of the decor for the party came from Amazon, Dollar Tree, Party City, or Target. Although I want the party to look elaborate and beautiful, I want to hardly spend a dime. This is why it is so important to not only pick a theme but also a color scheme because the theme based decorations will be more expensive. Choose a few items that relate directly to the theme such as a few large character balloons or napkins. The rest of the decorations can relate back to the color scheme, making it very easy to purchase from a less expensive retailer such as Dollar Tree. 

At this point I feel like I have a signature decoration and that is a balloon arch. Not only do balloon arches make a big statement at any party but they are also very inexpensive. The way I make balloon arches my be unconventional compared to others. I would advise you do not waste your time and money on the balloon arch tape! Grab some fishing string and a needle and you will be golden! I simply "string" the tail of each balloon on the finishing string, creating the arch. Pushing the balloon down, clustering them together. With the fishing string you can then tie the line to a Command hook or any other object you can get your hands on.