Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine


One of the BEST items we use for both kids is the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine. Of course any sound machine will do, but the convenience of the Hatch is what puts this sound machine above and beyond others in the market. 

What I didn't realize was how important a sound machine was in a babies room. It wasn't until Mila turned 6 months that we truly realized the need. You see, it is loud in the womb. The noise in the womb can range anywhere from 70-100 decibels. You take a little baby out of a loud environment and into a quiet unknown location, of course they are going to cry.  

We decided on the Hatch based on the longevity of use and convenience, because the Hatch isn't just a sound machine but also a night light, and devise to help you sleep train when your little is older. 

Through the app (and on the devise) you can choose what color you would like displayed, if any at all. What I choose to do is a soft red at night while they should be sleeping or laying down, it then is my goal every morning to switch the light to green signifying it is okay for Mila to get up. 

I am working to get her used to this transition as we look to transition her to a big girl bed and out of her crib. Hopefully keeping her in her bed throughout the night! Mila's light is brighter than Mav's because she went through a stage of being scared of the dark. 

Let talk convenience, not only can you use this product forever but the simple convenience of being able to work the machine on your phone was a win for me. Through an app you are able to change every feature at the palm of your hand. 

If we know someone is coming over for a moment, I will use my app to turn up their machines ever so slightly. If you notice I said their machines, yes! They both have the Hatch Machines in their rooms. The best part being, both machines are on one app. You can easily toggle back and forth from room to room adjusting any feature you choose. 

The Hatch is also small enough to take with you anywhere! I take both machines with me where ever we go. From our Florida trips to our drives back home, you bet they will be with us while we travel. 

I will also add, I have heard they now have an adult version with an alarm built into the devise! Very tempting and may just have to be one of my next purchases.