Owlet Sock Monitor

October 12, 2020

Lets talk about the Owlet baby monitor. 

What is it an Owlet? 

The Owlet is a "sock" that attaches to the baby's foot to track and monitor your baby's oxygen level and heart rate. Leaving you as a new mom or dad very confident and relaxed in knowing your baby is safe and sound while sleeping. 

Why I purchased the Owlet? 

I worry about everything. Babies sleep so quietly and I knew I would be in their rooms multiple times a night to check on them if I didn't purchase the Owlet.  I wanted our babies in their own room from the beginning to eliminate having multiple transitions from bassinet in our room to the crib in their nursery, while ensuring the safety of our little babes! 

SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is real and a scare for any new mom bringing their baby home. The Owlet technology and alert system gives you piece of mind knowing everything is just fine. 

Owlet Technology: 

The Owlet is connected to a disk that represents the "status" of the sock/monitor. This is also the charging station for the sock when it is not in use. Depending on the status the disk will alert you if there is an issue with baby or the sock is not properly aligned on babies foot. 

When speaking solely about the Owlet Sock Monitor there is an app that connects to the sock called Owlet Care. Giving you access to the babies heart rate, O2 percentage, and other statuses in regards to connect, wifi, etc. 

Owlet Cost: 

Other than saying the Owlet is well worth the money when considering your babies life and your piece of mind. It is $299 for the newest model and $249 for last years model. The Owlet is available through their website or retailers and is often seen on black Friday sales. 

Owlet Customer Service: 

The customer services with the company is hands down the best I have ever worked with. Your Owlet Sock comes with 1 year warranty. If anything happens to any part of the Owlet in that time they will replace the item. If something happens to the monitor outside of the 1 year window, call customer services for a coupon. Significantly reducing the cost. I, myself just received a new sensor for $60 after the coupon was used.

You need this item. You need it. The owlet completely takes all worry and leaves you with piece of mind in the long run. Yes. I understand $299 is a lot of money, but this technology could save your babies life. We have used the same Owlet monitor for both of our kids, both times we have been just as satisfied. Both of our children were October babies, we have gone through the pain of sick babes. The Owlet always gave me peace of mind when looking at O2 levels making sure their lungs were staying clear. 


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