Fireplace Remodel

We live in one of those houses in the suburbs that is on repeat. What I mean by that is if you look down the street, you will see at least 4-5 different versions of our home. All of them were built with no customization done. We have owned our house since August 2016, the home was not at all what I wanted but I saw the potential in what the home could be.

We started out with green walls and golden oak, and while that is great if that's your taste its definitely not mine. After years of painting grey and white throughout and doing project updates we are still going. I'm a girl who loves neutrals, think modern magnolia with grey, white, and deep wood tones. I have recently started incorporating ship lap and barn wood into the home to create a more custom look.

Looking at our fireplace, I have hated it since the moment we moved in. It is was very beige, tiled, and had very little substance to it all all. Since this is not our forever home and the goal for this home is to sell after 5-6 years I am not wanting to spend a lot money on larger project. I am simply updating small portions of the home to be more attractive to my taste and in the future more sell-able.

The vision for this was to incorporate ship lap on the back of the fireplace behind the TV and then add a richer look to the mantle. The original mantle was very "cookie cutter" and to put it nicely...ugly. My husband and I found a great Poplar Appearance Boards at Lowes that had a black streak down the middle. I LOVE them. They look very unique and add a good texture to the fireplace appearance.

We started with the mantle and used a brad nailer to attach the new boards to the old mantle. Overlaying the old mantle made for less work in taking off the old material. After attaching the new wood to the mantle we carried on to the ship lap.

Doing the back wall first starting from the top and working down. After finishing the back wall we than did both sides. Simply using our brad nailer with 1.5 inch nails. We did have a few outlets that we needed to cut holes for, using a jigsaw was a simple easy approach!

After all the ship lap was up we then added trim pieces all the way around to finish it off. I wanted everything to be white, incorporating this ship lap in with the white barn wood I already have in my home.

When the holes were filled and the lines were all calked I then painted everything Sherwin Williams Snowbound. This is the same white that I have for my kitchen cabinets and trim throughout the house. I personally feel this white goes great with grey tones but also ties in with darker wood as well.

I absolutely love the change in the fire place. I wish I would have done it many years ago!