Favorite Wooden Toys

I absolutely love wooden toys for my littles. Some parents may think I am a little ridiculous when it comes to what I allow to be out and about in the house when it comes to toys. I personally believe limiting the amount of toys I allow in the home forces Mila-Grace to turn to books, her learning cards, and being outside. 

Although I'm sure toys and some electronic time can be good for learning, I prefer to stick to the basics. Learning how to build, stack, and read while enhancing their small motor skills and Maverick is following in her footsteps! 

Some of my favorite toys that I allow in the house are wooden toys. They are my favorite for a few reasons, those being... 

A. Lessening plastic and over stimulation with lights and sounds 
B. Appearance- I know I'm a mean mom..

Some moms out their is going to laugh when I say appearance, but that's just how I feel! Overcrowded living rooms with bright plastic toys, is not my thing.  Here are a few brands that I have found are affordable and high quality. We have many of these toys around the house, they have made their rounds from Mila-Grace to Maverick! 

Melissa and Doug  



B. Toys 

ALEX wooden toys