Car or Plane Packing List

Traveling with little ones in any form of transportation can be challenging! When we take the kids back to our hometown in Northwest Iowa we are in the car for 3 hours, and let me tell you there are times when those 3 hours seem like 6. Although I know that families are still being cautious when getting on a plane or traveling we have decided to mask up and take our trip to a rental house.

The flight that we take is also 3 hours, much like the car ride back home Maverick is going to stay in his car seat and hopefully take a nap, Mila-Grace will need constant entertainment. Although I hope she naps at some point during the flight, I do need to be prepared with small simple activities to keep her attention.

I highly advise keeping a variety of small snacks and activities. Small portions of snacks in tiny baggies will make your child think they are getting a new special snack when in reality it is just their snack divided into little baggies. Smaller toys that don't have a bunch of pieces are key, I also limit the amount of options given to her at one time. Yes, I may have brought 10 markers but here are 2-3 at a time to occupy your brain. Mila loves receiving "new" or "more" items/snacks, the absolute key to her happiness is giving her a few things at a time celebrating every time she receives another.

Mila isn't a big technology seeker, and truly isn't all too interested in the TV/iPad/Movies. With that, I will bring the iPad if the flight isn't going well but likely we wont use it all too much.