Staying Healthy With Two Kids

I completely understand the thought that when you have a family they come first, but what happens when you yourself are not happy in the first place? I work to stay healthy both mentally and physically for my family. I know that if I am healthy I will be a better wife and mother to my family. Here are some steps I take everyday in order to put myself first and be a better wife and mom.

1. Prioritize yourself . 

I still have a hard time prioritizing myself, this is something I work on everyday. I have 2 kids, 53 weeks apart, a husband in the military who is also a police officer, minimal family, and a career to grow. All of that is great, but  are simply excuses to not prioritizing myself. The bottom line being, if you're not happy others can't be either. Prioritizing yourself can be defined as simply taking 30 min away from your family to go on a walk, getting your nails done, stepping away to read a book, or excusing yourself from an event.

2. Drink your water. 

I have a goal to consume at least 1/2 my body weight in oz of water, but most days I shoot for 100 oz of water a day. Every. Single. Day. My tip here is to get a water bottle you love and can drink water fast out of. I don't just sip my water and expect to be successful. I drink my water as if I am chugging it. I truthfully don't use a cute bottle to motivate me. I fill up a blender bottle to the top, every time I walk into the kitchen and I chug it. I don't leave the kitchen till it is gone.

3. Exercise. 

I strive to exercise every day during the work week. If I miss a workout during the week I will take a walk with the kids instead. Often my workouts include cardio, such as cycling or running and lifting. I will get at least 30 minutes, but most days I aim for an hour long. If you are not an avid exerciser keep it simple. Take a walk over your lunch period, or after the kids go to bed. I feel that many individuals don't exercise because they see others doing complicated, advanced workouts, don't start there. Keep it simple.

4. Meal Prep. 

My husband has a nontraditional and as of lately a crazy schedule. If I don't meal prep healthy snack and meal options for all of us we will end up out to eat or driving through Chick-fil-A. Neither of which will create a healthy lifestyle for myself or my family. Once again keep this simple. Most days we have a protein, starch (complex carbohydrate), and healthy fat.

      • Pork Chop, Sweet Potatoes, Asparagus
      • Taco Bowls (Pork Taco Meat, Brown Rice, Cheese, Avocado, Salsa) 
      • Pork Burgers (Homemade) and Summer Salad  
      • Shredded BBQ Chicken (Put in wraps, on top of salads, etc.)

5. Get up an hour before the kids.

This is HUGE for me. Whether it is simply having my first cup of coffee and watching the news, exercising, or finishing up a blog post. Getting up an hour early gives me a substantial jump start before the kids get up. If you are thinking "there is no way", trust me you can do it. Start with 15 min and keep scooting that time back until you are at an hour. I currently wake up at 5:20 every morning!

6. Treat yourself. 

Okay I know this one sounds, odd but reason with me. I used to be a very strict dieter. Right after college I didn't allow myself  any treats, I would run and run and run until I lost the weight but now what?

Going on your fad diet, powder only diet, or no cheat days diet doesn't sit well with me these days. Find a healthy balance. Healthy. Have a cheat meal here and there. Allow yourself the small ice cream but afterwards hop right back on the healthy eating. This mindset will help keep you on track and assist you in staying on track to a healthy lifestyle. Because, remember this is a lifestyle not a fad diet.