Mid Year Review

Push- My word of the year! 

It is hard to believe that we are already half way through 2020. Although 2020 hasn't been the year I thought it would be, the word of the year that I selected is just what I needed. Never did I think back in January we would be living through a global pandemic, had a string of wild fires, death of Kobe Bryant, social unrest, and well- so much more. 

Through all of that- I started a company with my best friend, started a blog, went back to my previous company, returned to work from maternity leave, cancelled and rescheduled events, made my first dollar through Behind the Chaos, and so much more. 

2020 has forced me to keep going. I used to have the highest hopes and expectations for any little aspect in life. It would kill me when a vacation wasn't perfect, businesses weren't taking off right away, the weather ruined an event, etc. 

I have learned through the first half of this year. You can only control the controllable, you must push through the uncontrollable aspects of life. Life happens no matter how prepared you may be. 

This year I told myself it was okay to say no, focus on the right yes, and for the first time I have actually done just that! I have said no to social gatherings and events in order focus on what I want out of life this year. 

What I am still working on everyday... 

-Wed Design Co. being a success 
-Getting this blog to reach women and families that need it most 
-Drinking adequate water (100 oz) 
-Working out daily (Monday- Friday)
-Being a successful Account Manager 

What I have failed thus far but will continue to work on...

-1 date night a month with my husband (but lets be real COVID-19 and self isolation happened) 
-Dedicating 5-7:30 pm to my kids every day 

What I would like to add...

- Passion, outside of the work place. I want to make a list of what I am passionate about in life. Whether for you that is animal cruelty, gender equality, education, black lives matter movement, etc. Find your fire, I need to find mine and my "why" behind that. 

I myself have always been a big advocate on education and pushing for an equal opportunity at the top of the workplace. I personally believe this is because I come from a rather small town, where advanced education is not a big focus and women pushing through corporate America ladder isn't at the top of mind. I plan to look into ways I can be an advocate. 

What is great about a mid year review of your goals is you are able to tweak them. Maybe you have recently lost your job because of the virus, or the recent acts of violence have given you fire. Tweak your goals and run with them, be inspired.