Mavericks 8 Month Schedule

Maverick is LOVING the food lately. Truly that is an understatement. He is growing like a weed and it makes me so sad. It is amazing how fast the second child grows when you have another one running around at the same time.

Even with Maverick eating 3 times a day, he is still drinking his normal bottles as well. Instead of his 8oz bottles we were doing before food, we are now feeding him 6oz bottles during the day with 1 8oz bottle at night before bed.

Mav is currently on "chunky" purees, I envy people who do baby led weaning. I tried it, but just couldn't do it right away. I make purees at home for a few months, making them chunkier and thicker over time. I also implement toast and softer vegetables over time until I think he is ready for additional whole foods.

Remember this is what works for us, and will change once he starts eating more at each meal. We work with our pediatrician on what is best for kids nutrition and schedule. Feel free to speak to your pediatrician on what you feel comfortable with.