Billie Razor Review

While scrolling Instagram you may have seen the Billie Razor. I decided to try it out! I have always had an issue finding a razor that best suits my sensitive skin. I find myself often breaking out after shaving or often having ingrown hairs. I absolutely hate it, especially during swimsuit season.

Here is my honest review of the razor I received and have been using for a month.

Of course, because of the virus it took over 3 weeks to receive the razor in the mail. Upon arrival I was very satisfied. I love the fact that the razor head already has charcoal around the blades ensuring there is no need for additional shaving cream.

I also ordered the travel case because we have a trip coming up here soon. Through the posts I read the travel case is absolutely needed, since the charcoal is around the razors you can't just through it in an old bag.

When using the razor I didn't use any shaving cream or soap. The charcoal on the outer edge of the razor is enough to ensure a smooth shave without any razor burn.

I don't feel as though the razor gets an exceptionally close shave but the shave itself is very smooth. The reason I personally don't feel the razor gets a close shave is because of the frequency I have had to shave over the last month.

The bright side of this being, even though I am shaving often the shave itself is smooth with little to no breakouts or ingrown hairs.

Overall I would recommend the Billie Razor. Between the smooth shave and the convenience of the new razor heads arriving at your front door you just cant beat it.

When ordering the razor, you get the choose the frequency in which you are receiving the heads depending on the number of times you shave per week. I myself, get one package every three months. Equaling 1 razor head every 3 weeks. If you like smooth, convenient, easy to use razor go with the Billie Razor plus it comes in a few great colors as well!