Behind the Chaos

Black Lives Matter. We live in a disgusting world in divide and that is that. The recent events in Minneapolis are wrong, that was murder and those officers will serve their time.

I am a police wife, I am what you will often hear categorized as “Behind the Blue Line”. This is the life I live every day, and right now the life that is causing me to be hesitant. Hesitant to post on social media, hesitant to reach out to family and friends who don’t understand, hesitant to communicate how proud I am of my husband to the word.

Why am I hesitant? Judgment. The perceptions from others that because I am a police wife I don’t believe black lives matter.  This is 100% not true.

I believe that unless you live in that persons shoes every day you can’t judge how that person should or shouldn’t live their life, or how they feel when living said life. I personally have no idea what it is like to live life as a Black, Asian, Hispanic, etc. I also have no idea what it is like being a police officer every day.

What I do know is that I watch my husband leave every single day for work. I give him 3 kisses and a hug, our daughter wave’s goodbye until she can’t see him anymore and most of the time she has tears. Why the extravagant goodbye every day? Because who knows if we will see him in the morning.

You see, I started dating my husband when I was 13 and he wanted to be an architect! Here we are 12 years later, he goes to work every day to serve and protect our community even when the world is against him. Never did I think that I would be teaching our daughter to say “Daddy Cool” instead of “Daddy Po Po”, hiding from the fact that her father is a police officer. You see. He is a good police officer, a good father, and a good person.

Backing the Blue and being a police officer doesn’t mean we condone racism or condone injustice by law enforcement.

We want you to understand. We are sick of bad cops. We are sick of these hateful actions. We are stick of racism. We do not have a side.

There are good police officers, he is one of them along with our blue family members we keep close. We are struggling, but we are together. They are my outlet when I can’t communicate to the world what I am feeling. We watch our husbands put their life on the line to keep this communicate safe and together.

Please remember you are strong. You can be mad and proud at the same time. Lastly, please don’t judge us all--were just the wives behind the badge.

We're all going to make it through this together, rising together as one.