Two Baby Bears Co. Swaddle Sleeves

May 12, 2020

I knew it was getting time to transition Maverick from his butterfly transition swaddle to the Nested Bean Zen Sack Classic Tank but was nervous because he had been sleeping throughout the night since he was 2 months old. As a mom you know that any slight change in the routine of a baby can completely throw off their sleeping patterns. We have all gotten used to a great night of sleep in this household with both kids sleeping through the night, I didn't want to ruin that. Swaddle Transition

What I love about Nested Bean is the gentle weight at the front of the swaddle. This makes them feel as though they are being held or next to their parents, feeling more secure. Both kids love their swaddles! 

Two Baby Bears and Co. has the same concept. The idea of a gentle weight used in swaddle sleeves. These swaddle sleeves are weighted in order to eliminate your babies startle and involuntary responses while they are sleeping. Much like the Nested Bean the swaddle sleeves also help the baby feel as though they are in your arms.

The best part of the swaddle sleeves is that they were just that, sleeves. When using the sleeves there is no need to change what swaddle your baby is currently used to. The sleeves are a simple addition to the Nested Bean Sleep Sack we were already looking to use. I love that I didn't have to transition Maverick into a new swaddle in order to utilize the swaddle sleeves, making it easier on him to transition. 

Our first night of using the sleeves, we simply took off the butterfly sleeves letting his arms loose by his side. I then added the weighted swaddle sleeves to his arms. The first night of using the swaddle transition he was wearing long sleeve pajamas, but since then has slept in both long and short sleeve. Because Two Baby Bears Co. put nontoxic silicon on the inside of the sleeve both options work perfectly and we did not see a difference in his sleep either way. 

No change is good change, right? We have been using the swaddle sleeves for just over two weeks and haven't seen a difference in Mavericks ability to get to sleep or stay asleep with them on. They are comfortable for him to wear and don't slide off his arm in the middle of the night. 

I wish we would have had these swaddle sleeves when Mila was an infant as they are a great alternative for babies who don't like to be swaddled BUT still want to feel the comfort of being secure. 

If you are looking for a transition solution or you have a baby that prefers not to be swaddled please go check out Two Baby Bears and Co. Swaddle Sleeves for a perfect solution! 


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