Sweet Dreams

May 19, 2020

I knew it was getting time for Mila-Grace to transition out of her Doc-A-Tot to a toddler pillow. It was such a sad moment as everyday our little girl is becoming quite the bright toddler. I knew if I was going to take away her Doc-A-Tot I was going to want to introduce a toddler pillow. When doing by research I came up with these top 3 options.

We ended up going with the Dreamtown Kids Toddler Pillow, best part is the pillow was available on Amazon. When the pillow arrived I was surprised at how small it was. It was fairly firm but seemed to be perfect for her neck once she was laying down.

After doing digging through reviews and recommendations there were 3 options that stood out the most and seem to be perfect first pillows for your children.

1. Dreamtown Kids Toddler Pillow

Why I loved this option: Washable, mold/mildew resistant, soft, and arrives with 
a pillowcase

Why I loved this option: Washable, Hypoallergenic, and perfect for children with 
sensitive skin
Why I love this option: Washable, Hypoallergenic, and the ability to reshape 
after washing

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