Homemade Baby Food

May 05, 2020

I feel that too many moms out there look at homemade baby food as a big task. I have been there BUT it is so easy. Most of the time I look around my kitchen and can find ingredients to cook Maverick. Instead of having that oops moment, and realizing you don't have baby food.

Keep it simple. Slowly introduce new ingredients. Our pediatrician recommend we wait 3-4 days in between introducing new foods to ensure we have no reactions to the food.  Adjust the consistency of food based on the age of your baby. We have started both kids on food between 4-5 months, adding less and less breast milk as the months pass creating "chunkier" food. Around 6-7 months depending we start introducing items such as toast to their diet.

Below are some recipes, just remember to keep it simple and slowly introduce new foods. 

In this photo: Sweet Potatoes, Chicken, Banana, Strawberry, and Spinach 


Use any vegetable you would like to start with. I usually start with peas or carrots but the best part about making your own baby food is that you get to decide what goes in their tummy! 

3 cups veggies - Steamed (Peas, carrots, green beans)
1/2 cup breast milk


Oatmeal is a staple breakfast food for both of my kids, I will pulse the oats in my Ninja Blender until they are ready for the consistency of whole oatmeal. I include... strawberries, peanut butter, or bananas in it. 

Rice Cereal: 

Usually one of the first foods that I start with. You can add rice cereal to any fruit or veggie as well, this is a great option if you accidentally thin out your food to much. 

1/4 cup rice
2 cups of water

  1. Add uncooked rice to the blender and pulse (I prefer the Ninja)
  2. Boil the water on a stove top
  3. Add your rice to the boiling water
  4. Boil for 5 min
  5. Leave on low till 10-15 min until proper consistency 

Sweet potatoes

Whole Sweet Potatoes 
Breast milk or Formula   

  1. Preheat oven to 400F
  2. Wash potatoes
  3. Cut in half the long way
  4. Lightly spray baking sheet
  5. Place potatoes open face down
  6. Bake for 30-35 min until the skin is wrinkled or you can easily poke a fork through
  7. Remove and scoop out the inside
  8. Put the potatoes in your Ninja
  9. Add a tiny bit of breast milk or formula
  10. Puree until the potatoes are a smooth consistency


Mush banana with a fork
Add some breast milk to adjust the consistence

Storage option...I will store the food I make in our fridge for 3-4 days. I have been using these OXO individual containers since I started making food with Mila, and I absolutely love them! They keep the food fresh and are great for freezing as well. 

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