Amazon Finds

I have purchased off of Amazon and Etsy lately more than ever. Since we have been practicing social distancing and staying home, I can't say that I have been walking the isles of Target spending way to much time and money on items my kids, home, or myself don't need.

I have been pleasantly surprised by a few of my Amazon purchases as of lately. I know some people can be hesitant to purchase items from Amazon but these have been fabulous and I highly recommend them. I am actually out of a lot of my make up right now and plan on ordering some from Amazon to try out!

Knucklehead Infant Caps

I have been searching for a baseball cap for Maverick, one that actually fits him nicely but doesn't break the bank. Knuckleheads is available on Amazon and has different designs for every babies personality. I love that the back of the hat isn't Velcro, but had snaps for a snug fit allowing for the hat to fit for awhile.

Bib-On Infant Sunglasses 

These Bib-On sunglasses are perfect size, and have a strap on the back for a perfect fit. The strap on the back is adjustable. Maverick is 7 months, and the strap is the tightest it can be. The best part about these sunglasses is that they will most likely fit him next year as well and you cant beat the price. I have the teal ones linked below, the black are currently out of stock!

Folex Carpet Spot Remover

We have two dogs and two kids, hello mess. Folex Carpet Spot Remover is the holy grail of fabric and carpet cleaner! It has taken up spit up, blood, paint and spaghetti sauce thus far. Mila often wakes up with bloody noses and honestly it is the first spray I grab. I love that you simply use your fingers to rub in the spray. The key is to heavily soak the fabric or carpet with the spray and vigorously rub in with your finger tips.

ChomChom Roller 

Our two Miniature Australian Shepherds shed like crazy. I hate dragging out the vacuum every time someone comes over. The ChomChom is the perfect spot cleaner. I love that it truly gets all the hair off the couch and I can clean while everyone is sleeping! I usually use the Chom Chom on our couches but I recently used it on our comforter and it worked perfectly as well.