Healthy Dip

Is it just me or is chip dip just the best thing ever? In fact I love dipping everything, and sadly my daughter is taking that trait as well. While spending more time at home I have gotten obsessed with snacking and although it is important to keep my my intake fairly healthy, I love a good snack. I make this dip all the time for get togethers and its always a hit. I always make the guests guess what the ingredients are, they never get them right because the dip tastes so good! They can't believe it's healthy. 

Feel free to pair the dip with anything from chips to veggies either way it is equally amazing. 


  1. 24oz Cottage Cheese (I used low fat)
  2. Can of Corn (15.25 oz)
  3. Real Bacon Bits (2.8 oz)
  4. Shredded Cheddar Cheese (4-6 oz)
  5. Milk (1/8 cup)
  6. Ranch Dip Packet 
  7. Spanish Paprika (1 Tbsp) 


  1. Pour the cottage cheese in to your Ninja Blender 
  2. Add the milk 
  3. Blend until smooth - You may need to add a splash more milk in the end based on how you like your dip nonresistance 
  4. Add in Ranch Dip Packet and Spanish Paprika 
  5. Pour ingredients into your serving bowl 
  6. Add in the remaining ingredients..Corn, Real Bacon Bits, and Shredded Cheddar Cheese 
  7. Put in fridge until cold to serve 
  8. ENJOY! 
 This recipe will yield a large amount of a party. Cut this recipe in half if you are making for a few guests or just yourself! 

The dip doesn't look great in this photo but trust me, its amazing.