April 16, 2020

To say I am passionate about our bedtime routine is an understatement. I am a very Type A person. So let me tell you, I stick to a routine with our kids. I personally feel like our routine and items we have used during bed time have helped our kids sleeping habits.

Part of that bedtime routine is putting on their swaddles every night. We went through a few different swaddles with Mila-Grace. She was a tough baby when it came to keeping her asleep the first half of the night. She wanted to so badly be a tummy sleeper, so I found a great solution, the Nested Bean swaddle and sleep sack.

Nested Bean – Is my swaddle of choice. The thought process is your baby wants to be held. Nested Bean has taken this idea and added a “weighted” sack on the front side of the swaddle mimicking the weight of you holding your little one.

Nested Bean has a swaddle for every life stage. From a full swaddle to a transition swaddle, which Maverick is currently in. Mila-Grace is currently sleeping in their tank top type swaddle, and will be for the foreseeable future. 

We will be transitioning Maverick out of the transition swaddle and in to the tank here shortly. Currently, he is in a transition swaddle that takes the hands and puts them up by his face, enabling us to unzip his hands a little at a time.

You will often hear me mention that although this solution worked for both of my kiddos every baby is different. What works for my kids may not work for yours, but its always worth a try!

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