Raised Flower Boxes

April 28, 2020

We are having a hard time growing anything in our backyard because of the amount of clay that we have. Solution...FLOWER BEDS.

This project was very spur of the moment. I need projects in my life to keep me going, I am always improving or adding decor in our home. I love changing things up in our house! I decided to do some raised flower beds one night and by the next day at noon, they were done. They are very easy to complete, and yes, I did them myself because I am an independent women. Although, if you need assistance with the saw, please ask for help.

I completed 2 boxes that measured 3' x 5'


(12) 1" x 6" x 8' outdoor treated boards
(2)   1" x 1" x 8' outdoor treated boards
(1)   box of 1/4" outdoor screws ( I had leftover deck screws that I used, any outdoor screw will work)



Cut your 1" x 6" boards at 5 feet, which leaves a 3 foot piece leftover (5' x 3')
Cut your 1" x 1" boards every 2 feet, which creates (4) 2' legs


Start with screwing your long side together
(5' sections) to the 1" x 1" legs, you will be left with 6" of 1" x 1" sticking out. This portion will be put in the ground to better stabilize the boxes in the ground.

Now screw your 3' boards to your 1" x 1" legs that are already attached to the 5' sections...creating a box! I will add that I did have my neighbor kid come over to help me hold my longer side in order for me to screw it all together.

If you would like you can now stain your wood, I would also recommend an outdoor sealant to help the look of the boxes for years to come. I couldn't find an outdoor stain I liked, so I went with an indoor stain with an outdoor sealant.

To "install" your boxed dig a small hole for the legs, set the legs in each hole and pack dirt around. I would recommend stapling weed mat to the interior of the box.


  1. Use Cedar, red, or treated wood. I will not be growing veggies in these boxes, I just don't know that I am your gal (yet). If you are concerned about the treated wood use cedar for a natural approach, although much more expensive.
  2. Assemble your boxed on a flat surface, this will help keep everything flat and square.
  3. Any size of box will work, depending on how much space you have. The key to your box size is to ensure you are able to weed the box from any side. 

The best part about raised boxes? You can plant anything you want! I love big flowers and tall decorative grass, so you can be sure they will be filled full.

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