Our Favorite Baby Items

April 23, 2020

Okay, I’m not a professional and all babies are different but I did just have two babies within 53 weeks of each other, with two dogs while, my husband carries on two demanding positions. These are our must have and most used products.


We travel ALL THE TIME, and this is the best option for us when doing so. It has been a convenient option for us to bring with us. We are able to wash the cover when accidents arrive. Both of our kids have loved our DockATot, we even purchased the larger size for Miss Mila.

Hatch Baby Rest Sound and Light Machine

It took us awhile to purchase this with Mila-Grace but when we did it was a life changer. We ALL sleep like champs. I am able to adjust the color and sound from my phone. I picked red because its supposed to be a soothing color, I turn to green to let Mila know when its time to wake up. I do bring this with me when we are going to be gone for longer periods of times. The best part, I can have two Hatch machines on one app enabling me to be able to change the machine in Mila or Mavericks room. 


I am a worrier. The owlet sock is an item I LOVE. It gives me the reassurance that everything is going well. I also like to check O2 levels when we have a sick babe and you need to keep a close eye on him/her.


Now. Mila-Grace hated the MamoRoo rocker. She never used it and basically screamed the entire time. Maverick, on the other hand spent the first 3 months in the swing and loved it. I love that the swing has a sound machine incorporated into it. With a 1 year old around, the sound machine keeps Maverick sleeping sound.

Nested Bean Sleep Swaddle

You will hear me talk about these swaddles all the time. They changed my life after Mila was born. She was a girl who needed to be held and preferred to sleep on her tummy (obvious no no). The Nested Bean incorporates a small weight on the front of the swaddle, making the babe feel secure like they would in your arms.

BOB Revolution Flex

A confession here. We STILL haven’t bought a double stroller because I just can’t decide what I want, but when Mila was born we bought the BOB and I am still in love. I enjoy a good outdoor run, and this stroller does the job for both Mila and me. I love the easy steering, suspension, adjustable handle and the shade that comes down low.

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