My " Go To" Smoothie

April 30, 2020

Protein Smoothie 

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During the week I aim to have a smoothie every day. Why you ask? My smoothie keeps me full till dinner, it's filled with protein and vitamins, and its delicious!  A smoothie is also something that I can sip on for 45 minutes, keeping me from my habit of snacking. While working from home I know so many people who have talked about reaching for that snack and having a hard time staying on track eating healthy.

Although this is the recipe for my current smoothie, some of the ingredients change depending on the flavor of protein we have at the house. If I have vanilla protein powder I will often add some strawberries
in the smoothie as well.

If you are adding frozen fruit to your smoothie instead of fresh there is no
need to add ice in. I always add a large handful of spinach to my smoothie, adding the spinach doesn't change the taste or texture only additional nutrients!

I absolutely love my Ninja,  being able to blend your smoothie directly in the cup you are going to be drinking out of is convenient and to be honest yields less dishes, which I am always for!


1. Whey Protein- My favorite flavors are chocolate, vanilla, cookies and
     cream, and chocolate peanut butter
2. Collagen- Unflavored you can't taste it and the powder doesn't change
    the texture at all! Great for your hair, skin, and nails.
3. 3/4 banana
4. Ground Flaxseed- For extra fiber
5. Spinach- Fresh or frozen
6. Ice- Optional
7. Ninja Blender
8. Rubber Straws

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