Keeping Kids Toys Organized

April 21, 2020

My family knows we would rather enjoy experiences then spend more money and space on toys. Although this is the case, kids and toys go hand in hand. The fact of it is, I hate looking at them so I find any way to store them without being able to see everything all the time.

Our previous solution was our shelving in the corner paired with decorative storage containers. While this is a solution that works, I would rather not see them at all. And to be truthful Mila kept breaking the bottom shelf by putting all her weight on it. I needed a new solution.

After purchasing a new storage ottoman I wanted to put it to good use! A little shopping at Walmart and on Amazon was just the solution!  I purchased a few containers with matching white lids, and plan on purchasing more. Plan being, every container has a specific toy in it (baby toys, Lego, cars, etc.) 

I am more relaxed when it comes to our basement in regards to toys, but still prefer an attractive storage solutions. These boxes I found are perfect. The lids are attached and fit a perfect amount of  toys, I may get a few more.



This solution still isn't perfect. If fact, I plan on moving the larger toys such as the teddy bear and baby to the ottoman storage. Mila is able to easily open and close the bins, with the lids still attached. It is my preference, this way we are not tracking down a lid for ever container. Our girl is a big reader, we we have a bin of books on every level of our house!

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