Fun Facts About Me

  1. Alex and I are high school sweethearts and have been together for the last 11.5 years. We got married at 21 and 23 right after he returned from Officer Candidate School.
  2. I moved to Des Moines, Iowa by myself after college. My parents announced their divorce, Alex signed up for the military and I knew if I moved back to the small NW Iowa town I grew up in I would never leave. My dad and I went apartment shopping… 6 years later I am so happy I made the decision.
  3. I love to travel, we try our best to take two trips a year. We used to do so by ourselves but now we focus on one trip with the kids and one trip alone, just the two of us. We want our kids to see the world and have the best experiences. 
  4. I am the biggest introverted extrovert. I LOVE staying home, doing nothing, cleaning, writing blog post, etc. BUT once you get me out, I am a talker!
  5. I graduated high school at 17 with my 2 year degree from a community college and then graduated with my 4 year bachelors degree from the University of Northern Iowa at 19.
  6. I salt everything before even tasting it. I also absolutely love garlic. Give me the biggest movie popcorn you can find with all the salt and butter.
  7. We went through IUI treatments to get our sweet girl, Mila-Grace. After over a year of trying we started the process, on our last opportunity… It worked! Check out my blog post all about the process.
  8. Mila-Grace and Maverick are exactly 53 weeks or 1 year, 1 week apart. He was our very big surprise in 2019, I absolutely love that sweet boy but he did put me in a rush when we found out we were pregnant.
  9. Sign me up for Mexican food any night of the week. Salty chips and Queso, Chori Pollos, and an extra-large house margarita. 
  10. I drink coffee all day long. I also drink iced coffee all year long. It can be 20 degrees and the middle of winter but I'll be drinking iced coffee.