Birth Story: Mila-Grace Mabel

April 02, 2020

Born on October 2nd, 2018

34 hours after my water broke Miss Mila-Grace entered into our lives screaming and well to be frank, peeing on me. I knew from the moment she was put on my chest she was going to be a spit fire.

...Backpedaling a moment here to 8am on October 1st, I went to work like any other normal day. Truthfully I woke up feeling great, other than the back pain I had been enduring over the last week I was happy. Every morning we had an 8am all hands meeting, during that meeting (TMI) I felt something...

Now if you have made it this far, please know that there are going to be a few TMI moments in this post, but my hopes are if you are going to be having a baby soon or are just interested in Mila's journey you'll continue reading.

This moment of "I felt something" was not at all like the movies. What I know now, is that my water was slowly breaking throughout the day. What I thought then was that I was peeing my work.

I held it together, changed my pants 2x that day and continued working. Now, I am a working momma who is in sales. Every. Last. Minute. Matters. At around 6pm that night I remember texting my husband, "I think this is really happening tonight". After eating a whole pizza as my "last meal" my contractions started to progress, but were not close enough together at this point.

We went to bed at 10:30 pm and prepared everything in case we needed to leave in a rush. When I say, we went to bed, what I really mean is Alex went to bed and I laid there with contractions every 10 minutes on the dot. I could not sleep. So I did what any of my family members would have guessed I would do.. I got up and cleaned the kitchen, showered, put makeup on, and curled my hair.

Finally at around 5 in the morning I woke Alex up to tell him it was time to get going. My contractions were about 6 minutes apart, and very intense. We made it to the hospital and got checked in by 6 am. When they asked me if my water had broke I replied with "maybe", truthfully I didn't really know. They tested me and said my water had broke and I was in active labor.

At 39 weeks we discovered that Mila-Grace was sunny side up, making my back contractions worse and causing "double contractions". With a regular contraction you have one high point, with a sunny side up baby you have a high point-small dip-high point. Let me forewarn you, they are not fun.. We tried every position possible but just weren't able to get our stubborn girl to flip over.

After walking, using the bathroom one more time, I requested an epidural. Hanging off the side of the bed looking down, I will never forget my husbands face when doctor pulled the needle out. "Oh My God". Like really, now is not the time to express your emotions about this needle going into my back..

Thankfully my epidural did work, although an epidural subsides the "cramping" pain it does not subside the back contractions.

Through out the day I wasn't progressing like they would have liked me to. I had an amazing nurse, Rory. She was new but was determined that she still felt a sac around the baby even though my water had broke. She decided to call in the Doctor. Dr. Kubat, if you are in the Des Moines Metro is an all star.

She came in and confirmed I had another water sac. At 4 pm she popped it, and I progressed very fast. By 5:55 I was 10 cm dilated, and after 10 pushes at 6:06 pm our sweet girl was born super hero style. Mila-Grace came out hand first ready to charge the world.

Everything was great, Mila- Grace came out with a big voice wanting to be heard. After being checked out with Alex by her side, he came over to gently tell me everything is fine but her foot and ankle need to be looked over.

Mila had been cramped in my ribs my whole pregnancy. Come to find out, her foot had been stuck in the same position the whole time. Her toes touched her ankle, especially when she was mad. Although the doctor didn't see an immediate need for necessary action, we did have many follow ups regarding her foot later down the line. Something I will talk about in another post.

Looking back now, Mila's entrance into this world represents her so well today. She'll forever be our first.

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