Birth Story: Maverick James

April 07, 2020

Born on October, 9th 2019

Planned, easy, and laid back just like our boy. Three need to known facts..

1. Alex is in the Military
2. He was supposed to have training two days before my due date in another state
3.We had a 12 month old at the time

Hello Induction. At 39 weeks to the day, I called the hospital at 5 am to see if they had room for me to come in and get induced. We decided to go this route this time because I could guarantee Alex would be in the same city, let alone the same state, and I could plan Milas care while we were in the hospital.

6:00 am: We went to breakfast at IHOP. I learned from last time around that you want to eat before you get the the hospital. The moment you are checked in to the hospital you can only eat/drink clear liquids and some Popsicle. We enjoyed our last meal as a family of 3.

We had to be at the hospital at 7 am, so my amazing daycare provider opened early for us to drop Mila off. I wanted to keep Mila on her daily routine as much as possible, in order to keep the transition as smooth as possible.

7:30 am: We were checked in and ready to rock. I came in at 2 cm dilated.  They started pitocin right away to get things going.

10:00 am: The doctor came in to measure me, I was 3 cm dilated. They went ahead and broke my water. Now if you read Mila's birth story you will know that I didn't get the rush of my water breaking the first time around. This. My friends. Was a rush!

Once again, I am a planner so I knew how I wanted this whole labor to pan out. I wanted to walk until I couldn't bare the pain anymore and right before I could no longer get an epidural. I also wanted to use the restroom before being bedridden. I completed most of my pre-epidural labor in the hallway walking, just as I had planned.

Personally, I like to move and there is nothing better than doing so while in labor.

12:00 pm : I was 6 cm dilated. We got the epidural and started discovering the positions in which I would progress the most. For me with both labors, I labored best on my left side with a peanut ball in between my legs.

Tip: This is where the iPad, music, and Netflix come in handy, the waiting period can take awhile.

3:00 pm: I was approximately 8 cm dilated. My nurse decided to up my dosage of pitocin again to get everything moving faster

With my kids only being born 53 weeks apart, we had a lot of commentary from the nurses I felt like I just delivered with. In fact, upon our arrival earlier that day we found out that Rory, our nurse from Mila-Graces delivery was working that same day! Rory, is an amazing nurse. She got approval to "catch" Maverick. Truthfully, if we were to have another baby I would probably name him/her Rory. When people talk about the nurse making their birthing experience, they are correct. Rory made me feel comfortable with Mila and Maverick, and she was hilarious.

3:45 pm: I got checked one last time and was 10 cm dilated. The doctors prepared the room for delivery. After 2 full pushes, Maverick James was born at 3:58 pm. Happy and Healthy.

Since our sweet boy came out with few pushes we had slight troubles with his stomach. In laments terms, the gunk didn't get pushed out of him stomach during delivery. With this, Maverick thought he was full and had troubles feeding right away. He went almost the first night not eating, resulting in dramatic weight loss. After having his stomach pumped, the nurse reported back that Maverick did have a fairly full tummy.

After a rough first 24 hours, Maverick did a great job and picked up eating.

Since this was our second birth, the doctors gave us an option to leave after his 24 hour check. We decided to take their offer. Alex went home to get the car seat, feed the dogs, and then picked up Miss Mila. She was introduced to her little brother at the hospital shortly before we left.

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