Introducing Mila-Grace to our fur babies

March 17, 2020

Nala and Anna are our two Mini Australian Shepherds.  

Personality wise, Nala is full of energy and has true Aussie blood in her. Anna is our sweet rescue. She is frightened easily but loves when she knows you. 

We knew we wanted to introduce “baby” essentials early. When we would get new clothes and wash them in baby detergent we would allow the girls to sniff and get used to the scent. We often had baby items out for them to get used to as well. Nala really took to my pregnancy with Mila she would often lay with me on my belly, which normally would never happen. 

After Mila was born, Alex came home with some blankets from the hospital to introduce more scent to the girls. He said that everything went well, they were very interested for a few minutes but then carried on. 

When we brought Mila-Grace home from the hospital we let the girls sniff her in the car seat first and then took her out after a few moments.They were very excited to see us and the new human in the house.

I believe that the small introductions and having the baby gear out in our house before she was born was a big help with our dogs. 

The only hiccup we had to concur was.. when Mila cried the dogs barked. Imagine what that looked and sounded like in my house, screaming baby, barking dogs, and a new mom. It took them a few days to get used to the crying in the house, after that they carried on with their normal tendencies throughout the day.

One piece of advice I got after the fact was to playing cry noises from your phone before hand to get the dog(s) used to the sound. 

Another piece of advise would be to still give the dogs individualized attention. Get out for walks, play catch with them for 5 minutes, etc. Remember that your dog was your first "fur child". 

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