First, thank you for even getting this far on my blog. I want to take the time to introduce you to my crazy chaotic family you’ll see throughout the week. They are the people that drive me every day to be successful both personally and professionally.

Starting with my better half…Alex, my husband. Although I hate the term “high school sweetheart”, you can say that’s what we are. Alex and I met in high school, over the last 12 years we have grown tremendously. He is a hard-working Police Officer and Captain in the US Army, let’s just say those two professions add to the “chaos” portion of my life.

Mila-Grace is our first born, currently she is just shy of 17 months and full of spunk. She was our little girl we worked so hard for through our infertility journey. She is constantly learning new words, dancing around, and spreading her contagious laugh.

Maverick is our surprise baby, you will often hear me refer to him as “buddy”. He is the best side kick I could have ever asked for, and the most laid-back baby ever! At 5 months, Maverick is on the journey of learning and growing every day, while keeping an eye on his sister.

At just 53 weeks apart (1-year, 1 week) Mila and Maverick keep me on my toes, juggling mornings and bedtimes are chaotic but I have a schedule I like to abide by during my work week. Truly, and I know every mom says this, they are the best kids.

Lastly, but not least, our fur babies Nala (5) and Anna (4). Two very hyper, naughty, too smart for their own good Mini Australian Shepherds. Although naughty, the girls are extremely good with Mila and Maverick.

These are my people. My everyday hustle.