Breastfeeding Journey

March 31, 2020

Fed is Best

Everyone will have their own opinions and journey when it comes to feeding their new one. Here are two different ways I have fed my kids both happy and healthy.

Miss Mila struggled. We had constant spit up (projectile vomit), acid reflex issues, and well just a fussy baby 75% of the time. Because of these issues and my very fast let down we had to exclusively pump most of the time.

Truth be told I wasn’t overproducing but producing the right amount in a very short period of time. Pumping enabled her to still get the nutrients while slowly drinking.At night time we would give Mila a formula bottle while throughout the day she would receive breast milk while at daycare. 

With Mila I used the Medela breast pump. It worked great while I was at home for maternity leave. I highly recommend this pump for someone who is at home or has an in office job. Neither of these are me, causing my breastfeeding journey to only last a little over 4 months.I am in sales, with that I travel throughout the day to different clients in Iowa. I very seldom have access to a plug in, let alone a private room.

If this sounds like you, I highly recommend the Elvie breast pump. In fact as I write this post I am pumping in public and no one knows! I pump in the car, on the way to meetings, and truth be told while scrubbing toilets. Being a working mom, I have very little time to actually sit down and dedicate time to pumping with out multitasking.

The Elvie pump allows you to go completely hands free! You simply take the pump and slide it in to your supportive pumping bra. 

After each pump I simply dump my milk into one bottle and collect it through out the day. Most insurance companies aren’t covering the expense of the Elvie, although it is a good idea to contact your insurance company to see if they will cover a portion of a cost.

Even if they don’t -like in my case- cover the cost, the Elvie is one of the best investments I have made for my breastfeeding journey with Maverick. 

With Maverick, we are still pumping at 5.5 months. A month ago we did start adding in some formula, as there was a slight concern about his weight. He is currently receiving 6oz bottles with .5 scoop of formula every 3 hours.

Maverick is much better at keeping his bottles down, as we transition to food he is starting to gain more weight! I plan on continuing to pump until he is at least 6 months, slowly transitioning Maverick on to formula, with hope our boy will continue to gain weight and get the proper nutrients he needs.

Everyone is going to have a different feeding journey with their little one. Mila had a completely different journey than Maverick, what matters most is that they are developing and happy.

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